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  • What is the process for adding or withdrawing funds from my investment in the holding company?
    This will depend on the period chosen for the investment as well as the capital perse, and if this includes extra royalties on performance.
  • What types of companies and assets make up the company's portfolio?
    Our portfolio is made up of a variety of companies and assets that span different sectors and markets, including real estate, restaurants, and agricultural investments. We look for opportunities in strong growth companies, emerging industries and assets with attractive income-generating potential.
  • How can I monitor the performance of my investment and receive regular updates?
    We provide our investors with regular reports on the performance of the portfolio and individual assets.
  • Does the holding have any contingency plan to deal with adverse economic situations?
    Find out if the holding company has a contingency plan to protect the interests of investors in the event of unfavorable economic situations or financial crises.
  • What are the benefits of investing through Zuñiga Investment?
    The benefits of investing with us are that they include portfolio diversification, risk reduction by distributing the investment in different assets and sectors, as well as the professionalism in the management and administration of assets by our team.
  • What fees or commissions are associated with investing in the holding company?
    It is important to know the fees and commissions associated with investing in the holding company. Ask about management costs, transaction fees and any other fees that may apply to your investment.
  • What is the holding company's policy regarding dividends and income distribution to investors?
    Our dividend and income distribution policy varies depending on the investment strategy chosen by our client. Some holding companies may choose to reinvest income to maximize growth, while others may periodically distribute dividends to investors.
  • How does Zuñiga Investment work?
    We are a company that owns and manages a diversified portfolio of investments in different companies and assets. It works by purchasing shares or interests in various companies, allowing investors to access a variety of investment opportunities under a single entity.
  • What is the process for selecting the companies and assets that are part of your portfolio?
    Our investment portfolio is made up of businesses with own capital, with financial solidity, for which we offer to be periodic participations in all the sectors that we manage with an excellent performance plan in the short and long term.
  • What is the recommended term to maintain an investment with you?
    The recommended term may vary depending on the investment strategy and individual objectives. In general, we recommend a long-term perspective to get the best results and reap the benefits of interest compounding and sustained growth.
  • What is the experience and track record of performance in terms of past investments?
    Our firm has an experienced team of portfolio managers and financial analysts who have a successful track record in selecting and managing investments. We may provide a summary of our past performance and notable achievements so that you can evaluate our performance.
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